Your Invitation to Explore the Farm-to-Fork-Fresh Trail - This Tour is Closed

A Food Tour for Influencers, October 25-27

Everyone says they're "Farm-to-Fork-Fresh." Well, we're going to prove it.

Meet the farmer who grows the food, be introduced to the chefs who create with the harvest, and taste how good a partnership can really be.

With this food tour, there are three facts we want you to know, the farmer, the chefs and why Omaha has been called one of the “Top 10 Best Foodie Cities.”  

What’s happening on the tour?

  • You’ll meet a farmer at Big Muddy Urban Farms, who believes that empty urban lots can produce enough healthy, delicious food to feed a whole a city.
  • Get to know chefs like, Nick Strawhecker, owner/chef at Dante and Forno who works with many of the local farmers and create an amazing menu that brings something new to his table every season.   
  • Omaha Culinary Tours will introduce you to some Omaha bakers who are passionate about their dough; one of them even brought his oven to Omaha all the way from France! 

IMG-2890 2
2018 Foodie Tour Pasta Making Class with Chef Chapman, chef/owner at The Grey Plume.

If you are a media influencer who loves eating and writing about it, then we would like to dine with you!   It's all about the food, farmer and chef introductions in getting to know Omaha one bite at a time.  To qualify, the outlet for which you write must have a site with a minimum of 40K unique views per month, as well as a solid following on Instagram and Twitter.

If this Omaha Experience sounds like you – fill out this form to apply.  

Omaha Foodie Tour Includes:

October 25 – 27
Hotel Room 3 Days 2 Nights
Visa Gift Card

Friday Night
Dine at Dante

Coffee and Waffles at Amateur Coffee
Tour of Big Muddy Farms
Dine at Kitchen Table

Morning Pastry Tour with Omaha Culinary Tour

Please Note: More activities may be included as we work to finalize the itinerary.

Be our guest on this culinary adventure – fill out this form to apply.  

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Get to know Omaha's Food Scene

Dante 1
This chef gets creative with his wood-fired oven and cooks up a lot more than just Neopolitan pizzas.
Nobody does Fried Chicken like Big Mama's Kitchen
Nobody does Fried Chicken like Big Mama's Kitchen - nobody.
Kitchen Table works with more than 40 farms in the area to put fresh food to the table.
Kitchen Table works with more than 30 local farmers to keep their menu fresh.