Big City Art Scene

Big City Art Scene

Omaha offers an art scene that rivals a city three times its size.   Many of the museums are free and are truly world-class.  Visitors can see works of art by Rembrandt, Monet, Degas, Pollock, and Renoir. The first Latino art and history museum in the Midwest opened in Omaha. Plus the city is home to the largest community playhouse in the country and also a place where visitors can purchase tickets to Broadway musicals, the Omaha Symphony and Opera Omaha. Omaha is a pleasant surprise for art lovers.

Interview Sources:

Omaha Performing Arts 

Can share what it takes to get Broadway musical productions for a community like Omaha.  Why is Omaha an appealing stop for the Broadway circuit?  How do we do it and what does it take to keep Omaha as a stop on the circuit.

Visit Omaha

Visit Omaha, the city's official tourism authority, why Omaha's art scene makes it a more attractive destination.  The spokesperson will reveal some of the hidden gems in the city that make Omaha a great destination for any who loves the arts. 

Omaha Community Playhouse

Founded in 1924, the theatre continues to perform to a packed house year-after-year.  The organization can share how they keep the community engaged and what keeps audience members coming every season.

Omaha Arts & Culture