Baseball City, USA

More than 700 teams are in Omaha and every player is ready to play baseball.
Baseball City, USA

Baseball City, USA

Every June, Omaha is known for hosting the NCAA College World Series.  In fact, Omaha has hosted this event since 1950.  But what a lot people may not know is that the city also hosts another big baseball event – Slumpbusters Triple Crown Tournament.  Its Omaha’s largest event for youth sports that brings more than 700 little league teams a d their families to the city from 37 different states.

Interview Sources:

Event Coordinator for Slumpbuster

Can share how the event has grown over years and why families have made it a tradition to attend this event in conjunction with the College World Series.

Keith Backsen, Executive Director for Visit Omaha 

Keith can speak about how the city prepares to host this event and the College World Series during the same time.  The importance of this tournament to Omaha because of the multi-million-dollar economic impact it has on the city.