Visit Omaha Has Your Back

Visit Omaha Has Your Back

OMAHA, NE, April 1, 2020 – Visit Omaha has created a way to add a little Omaha to your video conferencing, digital happy hour, and online family chats. With the focus on social distancing, video conferencing is the new norm. However, your unmade bed, messy kitchen, and unfinished basement may not be the most appealing or professional backdrop.

“We’ve got your back on this one,” said Deborah Ward, vice-president of marketing and communications for Visit Omaha. “We are making it easy to download beautiful photos of Omaha and use them as backgrounds for video conferencing.”

Zoom, one of several platforms used for video and audio conferencing, has a feature that allows users to display an image or video as a background during video conferencing. Visit Omaha has created a special page on its website with a variety of Omaha photos, along with instructions on how to add a photo to your Zoom virtual background. The photos include scenes from popular attractions, the iconic “Omaha” on the side of the Riley Building at 10th and Douglas Sts., fireworks over the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, Desert Dome at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, colorful beer taps at Crescent Moon (for your virtual happy hour), and OMAR the Troll.

“It’s a way to share the city’s attributes with others, while covering up parts of your home you may not want to share. Plus it’s an opportunity to say you brought a troll to a meeting, without insulting anyone,” joked Ward.

Click here to access the Visit Omaha virtual background page to download Omaha photos.