Send Loved Ones A Delicious Taste of Omaha

Send Loved Ones A Delicious Taste of Omaha

OMAHA, NE. Dec. 2, 2020 – If you are looking for unique gifts this holiday season, Omaha offers some tasty options that will surprise and delight even the most difficult person to shop for on your list...and yes, Omaha delivers.

From flakey Napoleon tortes that take three days to create to customizable ice cream flavors with personalized labels, the city known for steak (you can buy that too) is filled with delicious ways to send a little love this holiday season…and let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a little extra love this year.

  • The Cordial Cherry wants to change the way people think about chocolate. Inspired by her grandmother’s recipe, the owner finds sheer joy in whimsical creations – think snowmen, Santas and Christmas trees, they almost look too good to eat … almost. In 2013, Oprah added the Cordial Cherry’s chocolate nativity scene (a #1 seller) to her list of Favorite Things, inspiring thousands across the country to order the tasty delights. Visit to order chocolate, cherries and their new designer truffles for the holidays.

  • Omaha’s eCreamery lets you customize your own dream ice cream flavor, name it, and send it, so it arrives nice and cold on doorsteps across the U.S. (sort of like Santa without the chimney). Or you can always rename one of eCreamery’s flavors for a delicious holiday gift that no one will forget. Featured on the Today Show and Shark Tank, eCreamery customers include billionaire Warren Buffett and musician Sir Paul McCartney. Visit for more information.

  • Delicious eight-layer tortes and handmade breads are another culinary tradition in Omaha, baked fresh at the Lithuanian Bakery and Kafe. Opened in 1962 by an eastern European couple, the immigrants’ three sons now ship their delectable baked goods around the country. Their famed Napoleon Torte is made with handmade buttercream and takes three days to complete – the same process they’ve used for more than a century. Treat your taste buds and visit

  • More than steaks, Omaha Steaks offers every cut of beef along with turkey, veal, seafood, desserts and wine. It won’t make a great stocking stuffer, but it will look good tucked away in your freezer. Founded in downtown Omaha in 1917, the family-owned business started selling steaks through magazine ads in 1952 and began shipping meat around the globe in 1966. Order a true taste of Omaha from

  • Nestled in the Platte River Valley, Soaring Wings Vineyard started growing grapes in the middle of a cornfield, and has now built an award-winning array of wines along with a loyal following. Ranging from dry to sweet, they now ship 12 of their most popular selections to 40 states. Give the gift of these locally grown flavors by going to

  • Crunchy, salty and sweet. Vic’s Popcorn is just what you need to get through the holidays. Vic’s offers a popular popcorn care package and premium gourmet small batch handcrafted blends like their Caramel Apple Arbor Day blend and Omaha Fusion Snack Packs. The ultimate mom and ‘pop’ shop includes standard shipping is included with every order, so visit and get your popcorn fix on today.

  • There’s a lot of buzz around this family business: It’s All About Bees. Their beekeeping history dates back to the 1930’s when sugar was rationed during World War II, creating a demand for honey. Today, they offer homemade products made from locally harvested honey and beeswax. Check out for an array of sweet, spicy, tangy bee-related products.

Visit Omaha, also known as the Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau, is the official tourism authority for the City of Omaha and Douglas County.