OMAHA, NE., March 26, 2020 – Coronavirus has been a major disruptor in everyday life. Businesses have shut down across many industries, with tourism being one of the hardest hit. While the country’s focus is on social distancing and isolation, we all still need to feel connected and feel a sense of community. With that in mind, Visit Omaha created a 60-second video, entitled Intermission, to reflect the city's resilience and remind people how strong the community is during difficult times.

"In Omaha, we've seen craft brewers transform their business in order to make hand sanitizer, a toilet paper factory staffed with visually-impaired and blind employees who are working overtime to churn out product, and a local hospital develop a new way to disinfect masks to allow for extended use,” said Keith Backsen, executive director for Visit Omaha. “This city is filled with inspiration."

The video features employees in the tourism industry, and events that both challenge and delight residents. It highlights the community’s strength and inspires viewers to look to the future.

“This video is a step in setting the tone for how we unite and support each other in these uncertain times,” added Backsen. “A new normal is coming ... this is just the intermission.”

Intermission Video Link

Downloadable Version of Intermission Video

Visit Omaha, also known as the Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau, is the official tourism authority for Omaha and Douglas County.

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