Best Things to do in Omaha

Best Things to do in Omaha

The Moon serves up the original Reuben sandwich with their famous Blackstone Reuben.

Welcome to Fifty Grande’s Best of the U.S. Bucket List series. This is your one-stop travel guide to the best, most unique and quintessential experiences of a city, state or event. Want to know how to “do” Omaha? We’ve got you covered. Curated by experts, vetted by in-the-know locals, this is all you need to have the best trip ever. If we’ve written a Bucket List, we recommend you go. If it’s on this list, it’s the best the city has to offer right now. Consider this your one-stop answer to “What are the best things to do in Omaha?”

Everyone knows there are three things that make a city cool: trendy bars, steaks and more steaks. And Omaha, Neb., checks all the boxes. For those who’ve never been there, it’s a swath of cornfields and Cornhuskers. Spend some time here and you’ll hear rumblings of its indie rock notoriety, smell the choice beef from historic restaurants, and see its rich industrial history. Malcolm X was born here. The College World Series is played here. You might walk by Warren Buffett’s surprisingly normal suburban house here. Point is: it’s time to stop calling Omaha a “flyover city.” This is a destination. Here are the best things to do right now.

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